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Vouchery QR Code Scanner Update.

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Coupon QR codes can bridge the gap between online and offline channels, providing a transparent infrastructure for your in-store promotions and more data about your Customers. Over the last years, mobile QR codes have also become the most preferable way for Consumers to redeem coupons in physical locations. But to validate the coupons on mobile, you need to have a QR code scanner in your shop.

What is a Vouchery QR code scanner app?

Vouchery's goal is to enable consumers to seamlessly redeem their QR coupon rewards on multiple platforms - online, social media, and in-store. To make it easier for Brands, we have built a simple mobile app that scans and redeems the vouchers generated on Vouchery. In this way, you get real-time redemption tracking data, so you can analyze all redeemed vouchers and filter data by campaign, vendor, or place where the coupon was redeemed, user type, transaction value, and more! Read further to see what's launched in the newest update.

Vouchery QR code scanner update in the App Store for iPhone
QR code scanner update in the App Store for iPhone

How to update the app

To update the app to the newest version, download it for your platform by following the links below:

Otherwise, head straight to the App Store of your device and search for Vouchery POS, then click Update ( please see the screen example on the right ).

The app is available in the English language, internationally.

Keep in mind, that to use the app you will need to have an existing Vouchery account. Please make sure the user you're trying to sign in with is either Administrator or Point Of Sale user. You can read more about different user types on the page About users.

If you don't have an account yet, you can sign up for a free trial at

Vouchery QR code scanner and your Brand

You can white-label our scanner and make sure it matches your branding - please email us - at or start a support ticket to add the logo and color palette.

For Enterprise Clients we also offer to publish the app under the name of your brand in the app store - for that, you'd have to have an account in the App Store / Google Store and give us access to publish new versions. Contact your Account Manager for details.

What features are launched in the newest version?

Following the feedback of our users, we've added the following:

  • Account & Project Information,

  • basic User Settings,

  • Support and How to use it Guide is now accessible directly from the app

On top of that, we fixed all the known bugs to make sure the app doesn't crash.

What's next on our roadmap for the Vouchery QR code scanner app?

We plan to add more features to enable coupon redemption on the go!

On our list are:

  • Redemption KPIs - all available metrics related to the vendor logged into the app

  • Category Restriction information - we will never force our users to type the Category Name of the product bought, however, we plan to display the Category Name during the Redemption process, to make the Redeemer aware of the restriction.

What else would you like to see in our QR code scanning app?


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