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All-in-one promotional engine to help you orchestrate & deliver the right incentive at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Coupons & Discounts
Loyalty Program
Gift Cards & Vouchers
Referral Program
AI-Powered Coupon 
Management & Automation:
Discount Less, Engage More.

Shape Customer Engagement with contextual, predictive marketing promotions and special offers.

Drive Customer Engagement 

Drive Customer Engagement with 1:1

segmented, personalized incentives

Distribute unique coupons at the right time and prevent unprofitable customers from abusing your discounts

Increase Marketing Efficiency
Make It Transparent

Save time putting all discounts, coupons & loyalty in one place, and increase transparency across teams.

Get your coupons 
Mobile Ready

Generate coupon codes in QR format and use our mobile scanning app to verify the redemption in-store.

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Vouchery QR coupon code scanner
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How Vouchery works

Create a promo campaign and distribute generic or unique coupons.

Utilize our diverse selection of reward settings, rules, and promotional types to generate and distribute custom (or generic) coupon codes either through the User Interface or automatically through integration with the Vouchery Coupon API.


Additionally, the Vouchery Promo Journey allows for a promotional workflow to be put on autopilot, automatically creating and delivering coupons to customers upon specific action, through selected channels.


Create, redeem and synchronize all promotions, even when selling on multiple platforms.

As Marketers, we built Vouchery Promotion Engine to fulfill the needs of modern, data-driven e-commerce.


Monitor results of every voucher

campaign and leverage full transparency - filter data by campaign, user type, vendor,

channel and more!


Maximize the impact of your promotional spending by focusing on the customer lifetime value (CLV) to win back lost customers and avoid subsidizing unprofitable ones.

Vouchery open source coupon solution

Manage multiple budgets and control all active coupons in a single, easy to use platform, across multiple teams.


Make sure no one of your customers, employees or partners abuse your special offers. Get the fraud score, and decide when the redemption

is blocked.


Use our flexible rule engine to easily create unique codes, tailored to user segment and restricted to campaign or transaction attributes.

All accessible in real time. 

Integrate Vouchery with major

3rd party services so you are able to send the coupon codes directly to your marketing software

Driven by Customer Success
Vouchery Testimonials

—  Siddharth Goyal,
Director of Product at Blacklane

“Coupons are big drivers of e-commerce business.

Ironically, developing a complex coupon system is almost never a priority in growing companies. Vouchery offers a scalable discount system, unlocking many possibilities otherwise too expensive to develop internally.” 


Trusted by leading brands across six continents
Food delivery
Vouchery customer - MYCS ecommerce
Vouchery customer - damas Jewellery
Vouchery customer - Wombat's Hostels
Vouchery Customer - PayTM Money
Vouchery customer - AON
vouchery promo engine customers
Vouchery customer - Teufelberger
Vouchery customer - Right Bite
Vouchery customer - HIVE Gaming
vouchery promo engine customers
Vouchery Customer - PUC Campinas
Helping your business scale promotional infrastructure,
leaving the legacy systems behind.

Headless architecture

Vouchery coupon and promotion management infrastructure information
Our architecture is designed with flexibility and scalability in mind, following a headless approach. Separating backend functionality from frontend presentation empowers businesses to integrate our powerful promotion and voucher solutions seamlessly into any environment, whether it's a website, mobile app, or third-party platforms.

Preventing fraud

Vouchery coupon fraud and promotion abuse infrastructure information
Leverage machine learning technology to prevent promo abusers from depleting your marketing budget. Track transactions and coupon redemption attempts across devices & platforms.

Programmable Coupon API

Vouchery coupon API information
With our user-friendly, RESTful API, you can seamlessly link to a range of voucher and coupon regulations without hindering your progress with outdated legacy systems.
Our platform offers a robust, secure, and smart-contract structure from the start of implementation, making it an ideal solution for developers.

24/7 Customer Support 

Vouchery Support and Customer Service information
Regardless if you're our customer, don't hesitate to contact us anytime! Support and Customer Success Teams will do their best to help you solve your issue or advise on coupon strategy.

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Learn how Vouchery can help you to create a thoughtful, data-driven promotional strategy, fight coupon abuse and increase discounts ROI.

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