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Updated: Aug 30, 2023

The latest news about Vouchery apps + features that will unlock your digital coupon automation superpowers.

Over the last few months, we’ve been working quietly, and here comes the time to share what we’ve been building! While heavily focusing on expanding Vouchery's infrastructure to cater to the higher volumes of coupons processed, we have improved the User Experience on all our apps, enabled new use cases, and pushed remaining fixes. We couldn’t be happier to bring these new features to further power and personalize your digital promotions at times when safety, as well as sustainability concerns, convince more companies to shift from paper-based to mobile coupons. We look forward to hearing about all the great campaigns you launch and to learning more amazing use cases in 2021 that make your customers feel truly special.

Scroll below to check our newest product update and help us to decide what to build next!

PS. Keep in mind you can always check our up-to-date product release notes on HeadwayApp. It’s a short and sweet summary of all the new things we’re shipping each week.


Here are the highlights of what’s coming this week:


Complete Vouchers Overview Makeover 🥳

We have just added the complete overview of the campaign voucher codes 🤩 To check it out, head over to the reward campaign details and click the yellow button above the "Code preview":

In the vouchers overview, you can see the list of all the voucher codes that belong to the campaign and execute the following actions:

  • search for a particular voucher and delete the voucher

  • sort all codes by voucher status, and download the list of filtered vouchers in a .csv file, eg. you can download vouchers with the 'active' status only


Redemptions KPIs view for Point-of-Sale (POS) Users 📊

Point-of-Sale (POS) Users just received a big upgrade! From now on, as a POS User, you can log in to the Vouchery application and see the overview of redeemed vouchers. Please keep in mind that the vouchers displayed are only the vouchers redeemed by you, not other Users in the Account.

PS. Currently, the KPIs are only available via desktop app, not mobile.

If you're a POS User, and usually validating vouchers on the mobile Vouchery POS QR coupon scanning app, please head over to https://"your project name" on your browser to log in and check your dashboard data.


Deactivating Users as a Project Admin User 🙅‍♂️

As a Project Admin User, you can now deactivate the other Users, clicking into Edit User and then the red button on the right side: "Deactivate"


New code generation trigger - customer added to a segment 🙋

Hi there, we have just added a new trigger option for setting up an automated code generation - from now on, you can create a campaign that will have vouchers to generate automatically, each time a customer is added to (or with) a particular customer segment.

How can that be used? For instance, a voucher can be automatically assigned (and potentially send) to a customer when the customer is passed to a Vouchery hub, simply by adding a new customer to a segment or updating the segment via the API or 3rd party integration. Check our API docs for details:



Campaign Dashboard Filtering & Search

We are amazed to see hundreds of more campaigns being developed on Vouchery every month! To make it easier to find the right campaign quickly, we have added the Campaign Filter (by Campaign Type) and Search functions.

Extended SuperAdmin Panel for managing multiple projects

When you have multiple projects (sub-accounts or brand accounts) on Vouchery Enterprise Account, you'll be able to see extended information per single project in the SuperAdmin (an account owner) panel. True Project Wizard Superpowers! 🧝‍♀️ 🧝


Improved Zapier automation 🤖

Now you can create different ways of distributing campaign vouchers in Zapier, selecting the specific campaign inside he each Zap. That allows using various marketing channels, like email or SMS, depending on the campaign, but also a Customer Segment.


Customer update through customer list upload

Customer file upload allows now to decide whether to skip or update duplicate ID entries. When you update, new Customer Segments can be added and the current Segment variables updated.



👉 Periodic limitations are now displayed correctly in the Campaign overview, meaning when the reward campaign will have a limitation to accept 5 vouchers per day, the overview will display information considering this limitation, eg. 3/5 coupons redeemed that day, not as previously, 3 out of XXX - all coupons created for that campaign.

👉 No more character limit in the prefix, you can get crazy with all types of prefixes like "WINTERGIFT4YOUFROMOURAWESOMECOMPANY"

(we're joking, please don't 😜 ).

👉 We fixed the issue with adding the Customer segment attribute in the .csv Customer list upload, all the new attributes should be added automatically

👉 We have improved the error messages in the voucher generation view, so there should be no more unknown blockers preventing you from generating the vouchers

👉 We fixed the recent issue with gift cards being redeemed with 0 value on them, which happened last week. Although the discount accounted for was 0 in value, we understand it could have caused confusion to your customers - it is now fixed and the gift cards with 0 in credits value will be properly counted as redeemed.


Few highlights from our previous update:

  • Campaign restrictions are now periodic - create a new promo that limits the number of redemptions to, for instance, a 100-per-day

  • New use case: multiple voucher usage value capping - would you like your customer to spend the discount value across multiple transactions? Use this function to limit the maximum total discount value they should be able to redeem

  • Rejected Redemptions report - use it to retarget customers who tried purchasing with a discount that didn't work and still didn't finalize their purchase

  • Improved Discount on Product, enabling you to create more complex bundle promotions

Check our product release updates HERE to see the details.


We hope you love using the new features, especially the new Vouchers Overview experience, improved Segment-triggered Voucher Generation, and updated Zapier integration as much as we loved building them for you.

If you ever want to share your feedback or sneak peek into our roadmap, please drop us a note at or join our Slack Vouchery Community Channel.

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Ewelina is a Marketing Technology Entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience leveraging data to personalize customer journeys across multi-channel experiences. She has a passion for shaping consumer behavior through contextual, predictive, and personalized promotions and incentives that deliver value to both brands and customers.

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