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  • Rana Hesham

Unique Coupons: Why you should send out personalized, unique coupons instead of generic ones?

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Unique Coupons: Why you should send out personalized, unique coupons instead of generic ones?

Unique coupons generation is the perfect way to deliver an outstanding personalized experience to customers, as it is proven to boost customer acquisition, improve retention and loyalty, and protect your business against coupon fraud, thus increasing your Promotional ROI (Return On Investment).

What is a Unique Coupon Code?

Unique coupon codes are a special series of randomly generated letters, numbers, or a mix of both, that are exclusive for redemption validation once or assigned to only one customer. Such a technique is used for better redemption tracking, and campaign analytics and reduces any potential form of code abuse.

How unique coupon codes are generated?

Unique coupon codes are generated based on rules that the user sets up, like how should it be, eg. 6 digits, should it be only digits or letters, or both, should it start with a specific prefix or not. Based on these rules the code is generated randomly.

Unique coupon codes generation is the key to effective personalization.

Marketing personalization is creating an individualized experience, customized to each customer's profile; needs want, and previous interactions. Promoting the idea of dealing with customers as persons, not as a persona or segment and this is exactly what customers are expecting and demanding, according to Cloud IQ, 64% of consumers expect an individualized experience. Customers are tired of being treated as a number and place a high value on being acknowledged as an individual. However, despite being a top priority for marketers, personalization can be a struggle to implement in an intelligent and scale-able way. Luckily, with the help of coupon management software, unique coupons generation is not that difficult to implement, distribute and track. Vouchery is an AI-Powered Coupon Management & Automation. Helping companies to scale their Promo Strategy for truly personal, real-time interactions with their customers. Before diving into why to use Unique coupons instead of generic codes, let's first start with...

Why care about personalization in the first place?

Marketing now praises building your company and product development around your customers' needs, wants, and wishes. With Hubspot's introduction to The Flywheel to replace the marketing funnel, the marketing game has changed forever.

Now customers are the driving force, not just an afterthought. The most successful companies are those who put their customer as their most valuable resource for their business growth, and guess what customers are demanding? - Personalized, 1:1 tailored experience.

"No matter how many customers you have, each one is an individual. The day you start thinking of them as this 'AMORPHOUS 'COLLECTION' and stop thinking of them as people, is the day you start going out of business" Dharmesh Shah

How unique coupons the generation is the key behind an effective personalization?

Consumers appreciate receiving unique coupon codes as opposed to generic codes, they are even willing to share their data with companies in exchange for personalized offers.

1. Personalized coupons give the customer a feeling of being special

According to Kelton, exclusive offers create an emotional lift for consumers who receive them, with 54% feeling rewarded and 47% feeling excited. 62% of consumers expect companies to send personalized offers or discounts based on items they’ve already purchased. The segment also suggests that 54% of shoppers anticipate a personalized discount within a day and 32% within just an hour of sharing their information with a retailer. When customers feel special, they feel valued, and become loyal to your business. They start talking about you and do for you free word of mouth marketing, ultimately, bringing alike high lifetime value customers.

Pro Tip:

Personalize the coupon by adding the customer name to the code. eg, PIZZA4EWE_iega6

2. Enables to personalize the offer of the coupon thus better matching customer needs.

78% of U.S. Internet users said personally relevant content from brands increases their purchase intent. (Marketing Insider Group), (68%) of Americans say exclusive offers are more important than traditional coupons that are available to everyone. Unique coupons enable you to send the right coupon to the right consumer and preferably at the right time of her purchase journey. Focusing on the data and consumer profile, you can adjust your offer to be tailored to the customer needs and relevant to their previous interactions with your business.

3. Allows limiting the offer to a particular segment of customers

Using unique coupon codes allows you to assign the codes to particular segment o customer IDs. Using a coupon management system like vouchery you can easily do so.

Doing so helps you better fulfill the goal of your campaign. eg. win back lost customers, prevent churn, engage with current customers, activate new ones, etc.

4. Allows tracking data in more detail

"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it" Unique coupon codes give you better insights into the campaign, redemption, and transaction data. Vouchery allows you to monitor the results of every voucher campaign and leverage full transparency - filter data by campaign, user type, vendor, channel, and more! Even when promoting the acquisition campaigns online, try having a "Claim the offer" button, instead of posting a generic code. In such a case, generate and display the discount code and enable the Customer to provide you with her email - you can send the reminder before the code expires!

5. Decreases promo abuse

Unique coupon codes are the best way to protect your offer against promo abuse, as explained in the first part of this article, unique coupon codes are for each individual or customer. Once this code has been, it shall be automatically marked and deactivated by your monitoring system.


It's crystal clear, customers are heavily looking for coupons before shopping and they appreciate receiving personalized, unique coupons instead of generic ones- Mass marketing is already outdated and not effective anymore. Putting unique coupon codes in place you can meet your customers' needs, better fulfill your goal, track data in more detail and in real-time, and last but not least, help in protecting your coupons against any form of coupon abuse.


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