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Boost your cash-flow during tough times

Sell discounted vouchers valid in the future. Add increasing value to prolong Customer redemptions. Completely free.

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How it works
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Create a deal and set up the payment

Our template will help you to set up your voucher page and add your payment information

Distribute the deal link

Share the link across social media and deal websites to ensure maximum exposure.

Each Customer buys a unique QR voucher

To avoid promo abuse, everyone receives unique, single-use code, that can be saved in the Passbook.

Redeem using our mobile QR Scanner

Use our free mobile scanning app to validate redemption when the time comes.

How it works
Editable template to showcase your deal 
Frequently Asked Questions

Sure, just get in touch with us via email -, website chat or WhatsApp: +49 1739646229.

You have to have an Instagram or Facebook page so our team can contact you to verify the account and the deal.

- "What if  I don't have a PayPal or Stripe account?"

Please contact us via email - or website chat - we will help you to start one or use the provider you have.

- "How much do I pay for this?"

- "Can I contact someone to explain how to use it and help to start a campaign?"

Nothing, it's free - now and forever. We don't take any commission on your sold vouchers, either. We just want to support our community as much as we can.

- "How do I get paid for vouchers sold?"

- “How do I verify that I'm the business owner?”

When the Customer buys a voucher, they pay directly to your PayPal or Stripe account, we don't hold your money.

- "What if no one buys my vouchers? "

Get in touch, we will review your offer and help you post it across various deals & coupon websites, for free.

- “Is there any community support?"

You get access to the Vouchery User Community Slack to get product updates, exchange ideas, give us feedback and get Community Support from users all over the globe.

- “How many vouchers I can generate?"

As many as you wish.

Why are we doing this

In this global humanitarian and economic crisis, everybody has been impacted – businesses, employees, consumers, families. As a small business with a passion for entrepreneurship, we recognize the hardships facing our peers now and the need for creative solutions to help our community through these tough times. This is why, with close friends, we have worked over the past week to develop a platform to help affected businesses earn revenue and keep afloat during the economic slowdown, absolutely free of charge, in the hope that we all get through this together. Consider this our gift back to a community that has offered us so much in the past.


With hope and empathy,

VoucherAid Team

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Made remotely under the 2020 quarantine.

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