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Vouchery can help e-commerce businesses better implement their on and offline promotions. Through a combination of smart, responsive technology and an indepth understanding of the retail business, Vouchery can help marketers to run cost-effective, fun campaigns that meet customers' needs and minimises fraud and misuse.

Here's why you'll love Vouchery.

Your Promotion, Your Way

Of course, you want your promotion to be fun for your customer and flexible for you. With this in mind, we have developed a wholly flexible system which means which pair with a system which allows you to offer discounts as a percentage discount or a currency value. Make use of our system to limit your promotions by transaction value, number of products bought, the time the other was made, restrict your promotion to just your platform or to a third party site, limit your promotion to a geographical area both for orders and delivery, and set restrictions on payment methods. Team that with other flexible offer types like free delivery and gift card redemption and you're in control of every element of your campaign. Better still, work with rewards systems which allow you to incentivise your customers and help you to offer your products are the right time for  them.

Up Close & Personal

For many, being able to focus in on the right customer for your promotion is as important as being able to focus on the right product. With our system, Vouchery clients are able to limit their restriction to specifc segments of their customer base. Focus on customers that are already subscribed, or those referred from valuable cusomters to ensure that your promotions reach the right people or limit your promotions to new customers instead. Likewise, you can use our smart database system to offer personalised discount codes to customers (_superkittycatslovetshirts_ has a nice ring to it afterall) or after a set number of transactions, reward customers on their birthdays, or on their anniversary with the company. These tools help you to reward your customers and help retain them over the coming year. 

Product Control

The more products you stock, the more important it is to be able to differentiate between them in your promotions. Our system allows marketers to limit promotions by product category, by the product itself, place restrictions on sellers or brands on your site or simply limit the minimum price of a product bought through your offer. Vouchery can also help you to target products at the right stage of their lifestyle - helping you to promote the things your clients want to buy at the right time. By offering flexibility here, Vouchery ensures that your are able to focus on the right products for your promotion.

Keep Fraud at Bay

The risk of working with voucher promotions is that some customers may be tempted to absue them.With Vouchery, you can control your promotion from start to finish to prevent fraudulent voucher use. Use Vouchery to protect your promotion by limiting the deal to customer identity parameters (credit card numbers, user agent data, device IDs), not by account to ensure that the right customers can make use of your offers. Vouchery clients experience fewer instances of fraud and retain complete control of their promotion so they can choose when a redemption qualifies as misuse. Meaning better targeted promotions with less waste.

Test, Track, Analyse

Vouchery's all-in-one platform means you can oversee a number of promotions at once without the risk of losing track or duplicating your work. The platform offers real-time tracking, A/Btesting and customer segmentation to build a detailed understanding of what works best for your promotions. Use the platform to track which areas you're perfoming best in, and what kinds of customers are redeeming your offers. In addition, the platform logs each team member's work, you'll have deep insight into how your promotions are working every step of the way.Mean that offers are increasingly data-drvien and can be easily managed in one place, resulting in clearer internal communications, less confusion and fewer mistakes.

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